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About the Owner

Dacia Wright

Hello and welcome to The Heart's Desire!

My name is Dacia (day-sha) and I'm the mind behind the business. I've always wanted to do something that I love on a regular basis, which meant reading or drawing. I originally went to Hastings College to become an art teacher, hopefully within the Hastings school system, but a few things changed. I didn't like the feeling that having to teach to standards gave me, especially knowing how so many kids feel there's an unfair emphasis on their grades. So, I started to think of things I could do outside of the school that would still include art. The idea of THD began from that.

I love getting to be with people and getting to know them. I also enjoy being able to sit down in a quiet room and read with no interruptions. Art has been a constant thing that I've gone to in my life as it has helped me get through some of my toughest times. Art has helped me find who I am, while also allowing an escape from the clamoring in my head. The same can be said for a book. I've read a lot, use to do nothing but read, and let myself get lost in the story. Being able to provide adventures for my community through art and reading is huge for me.

I like to read, mostly romance books now, but I also love YA and mystery books. My favorite art form to create in is clay, but drawing is a very close second. I enjoy doing other crafts as well, such as creating earrings or wire-wrapped jewelry.

Beyond that, I'm married and have five fur-babies - four cats, one dog. Antigone is the oldest, and the only female cat. Then I have Philoctetes (Phil for short), Hermes, and Isa. If you notice, I have a mostly Greek-name theme happening. Isa is the only one who doesn't have a Greek name because he came to us with the name, and it stuck. Cause he IS-A kitty! My dog's name is Thalia (tall-e-ah) which takes us back to the Greek names.

I also own an axolotl! Lux is a GFP golden albino and is super chonky. Think mudpuppy but forever in a tadpole stage. My husband is amazing and he helps me keep focused on what I need to do to make things happen!

About the Local Artists


Hicks Family Designs - April Hicks

"Hicks Family Designs is a family business that started as a hobby and has grown into a small business. I am a mother, wife, and now owner of two small businesses. Hicks Family Designs is my way of spreading joy and color into the world. As the business continues to grow, I plan to expand and offer more custom works of art with auto decals and shirts. Please look through my inspiration folder to see past works. May God Bless You and Your Family."

Love Ewe Candle Company - Jenna Thayer

Natural soy candles infused with essential oils and hand-poured in small-town Nebraska. Learn more about the owner Jenna and her company on the website!

About | Love Ewe Candle Company (


Rocking Chair Creations - Julie Monter

Julie is a wonderful grandmother of 5 from Aurora, NE who hand-embroiders and crochets now that she's retired. You can find all her amazing work on her Facebook page: Rocking Chair Creations | Facebook

Cryptid Creations - Morgan Stromer

A local Hastings artist I went to college with. We both graduated from HC in 2020. They do commissions on top of their usual arts, which include drawing, painting, welding, and crocheting. 

Follow them on Facebook at Cryptid Creations

Kent Theesen.jpg

Kent Theesen

Author and artist from Hastings, NE. His book "Backstage Behind the Curtain" will be available in store along with some of his beautiful prints and a couple of canvases. Find his work at Tee-Sun Productions/Kent H. Theesen-Artist | Facebook.

A Touch of Glass - Haylee White

Haylee is a local artist in Hastings, NE! She does glass-blown work, such as plates and earrings, as well as designs adorable earrings.

Haylee W.jpg

Carlton Havins - All American Oak & Iron

In-store only

Beautiful, hand crafted charcuterie and wood-cutting boards. Will also take commissions or requests for other work. Carlton uses wood, resin, and other objects like rose petals or used bullets in his work.

Bookish Goth Co. - Alexis Hoselton

"Where every reader has an adventure. We are in the business of making a unique aesthetic to modern book accessories, creating a world of adventure for every reader!" Alexis' love for crafting - and trying to get her kiddo to not dogear his books - is how BGC was built. Find out more about her work and order it for yourself at BookishGothCo – Bookish Goth Co


Mo's Lab - Kyra Franzen

A new local artist in Hastings who wants to expand their opportunities and offer some fun, unique stickers to the community. 

Follow them on Facebook at Mo's Lab

Frenchie Works - Christina Skogland

An artist not in Hastings, but still in Nebraska! Christina works from her home in Lincoln to create amazing tumblers, pens, and other resin items. The tumblers that we'll have from FW will be ones that Hicks Family Designs doesn't offer.

Join her group on Facebook at: Frenchie Works


Chris Goedert - Local Print Maker

Chris makes fabulous cards that are blank on the inside. He uses a print press to create fun colors and patterns on the outside. Unique and one-of-a-kind, you'll want to use these cards to send to your pen pal!

Amy Crisman - Handmade Cards

These beautiful handmade cards are out of this world! Amy creates such unique designs that you're sure to have a card that stands out. She has made cards for all occasions - Birthdays to sympathy cards! 

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