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Shadow Slayers Story #3

The cell walls closed around her, and Celine tried not to scream. It wouldn't matter if she did; no one would be able to hear her. No one would be able to save her now.

Trapped within an enchanted cell and hidden from the world, Celine Devereaux Buckley has nothing to do but ponder her fate. She should have been powerful enough to stop him, but when she was at her weakest, Duke Marcus Northcott finally captured her. Unsure of what wicked scheme he has planned for her and with no hope of being rescued, Celine knows that she will have to save herself if she wants to return home.

However, with her powers cut off and her cell enchanted to stop anyone from finding her, can she devise a way to make contact with her family? If she does, will doing so risk the life of someone she holds clost to her heart?
Or will Celine find help from the most unexpected place?

Will Celine's efforts only end in disastrous effects for her family? If it does, will she be able to undo the wrong she unknowingly caused and restore balance to the already fragile world?

Gone by Nellie H. Steele

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