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Shadow Slayers Story #4

A poisoned rose.

Life-altering secrets.

Can the Slayers overcome insurmountable odds?

Nearly two months after Celine returned from Alterra, carrying with her the ominous warning from archnemisis Marcus Northcott, she is stillt rying to determine why returnign to her world is the "biggest mistake of her life." Living through the most peaceful time she's ever known, Celine struggles to find the meaning behind the threat.

That is until her life turns upside-down. An unforeseen visit from her adopted mother sends her life and the lives of those around her spiraling. As they struggle to hide the truth, Celine begins to experience strange symptoms. Headaches, numb, tingly hands and time losses plague her.

The Slayers search for the cause, but what they find may spell more trouble than they can handle. Will the source of Celine's odd ailment bring about the end for at least one of the Slayers?

Trouble by Nellie H. Steele

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