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Annika dreams of a quiet life, helping others and working with her brother on his mission work. Being attacked

by pirates and finding herself stranded on an uncharted island was never part of the plan. Neither was the

handsome pirate captain.

Ethan, adrift in grief and struggling to keep afloat, fights to make a difference in an unjust world. But why does

this girl, with her fiery eyes and gentle spirit, cause his guarded heart to feel again?

Half-drowned and marooned, the merchants and pirates find themselves unlikely allies on an island set on

destroying them. Ancient man eating creatures roam freely and evil intentions abound. Can Annika and Ethan

dodge danger long enough to uncover the secrets of this mysterious island as well as the new bond that is

beginning to forge between them?

Fiction - Adventure - Fabtasy


The Secrets of Avigdor by Chaney Hobson

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