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Shadow Slayers Story #1

Josie is having terrifying nightmares...

And she can't make sense of them.

During the day she's a typical twenty-five-year-old woman, but at night all she keeps seeing is blood...

On her hands.

When a mysterious man drops an antique music box on her doorstep, Josie is intrigued, especially when he leaves her a note...

And calls her Celine.

Promising her all the answers she's looking for, Josie takes off with the mystery man and embarks on a journey to find out why she's having nightmares, who Celine is and, most importantly, what lies hidden underneath the surface.

As danger is confronted and more information is revealed, Josie is completely unprepared to learn what lies at the heart of these strange occurrences.

And who - or what - she really is...

Shadows of the Past by Nellie H. Steele

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