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Maggie Edwards Adventure #2

An ancient artifact has been stolen from a museum...

Maggie Edwards is hot on its trail.

After finding Cleopatra's Tomb, Maggie's life couldn't be better. Her investigation prowess has landed her a new job and the contents of the tomb are on display in a lacol museum.

But then a ceramic ankh is taken during the museum's VIP gala.

Upon consulting her Uncle Ollie, Maggie learns that, though the ankh is worth little, it may be the key to something much bigger.

Can Maggie put together the pieces fo this strange puzzle?

Setting off across the world, Maggie's investigation takes her to London, Venice and Egypt before she can unlock the secret of the seemingly worthless ankh. 

But to do so, she must race against time and danger to get to the ankh before someone else does....

Secret of the Ankhs by Nellie H. Steele

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