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The reading nook blend is our signature tea created for enjoying while perfecting some of our dearest passions: reading, writing, and enjoying conversation with friends. we basically combine three different tea concepts into one: rose black tea, lavender black tea, and black chamomile tea.


One needs a touch of caffeine to keep the conversation flowing, the pages turning, or the pen on the move, so we start this blend with a wonderful cream black tea. We then added rosebuds for creativity and sustenance, lavender for flavor and aroma, and top it off with a bit of chamomile, which adds a calming balance to it all. Customers often tell us this is our prettiest tea, and it certainly has the top reviews!

Available in decaf and regular versions.


Ingredients: Black tea, rose petals, lavender, chamomile, vanilla essence. Decaf version has decaf black tea.


Shelf life: 24-36 months

Weight: 1 oz (28.35 g)

Reading Nook

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