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Cate Kensie Mysteries #2

If you could go back in time and clear your family's name, would you?


Dr. Care Kensie, now known as Lady Catherine Kensie, the mistress of Dunhaven Castle, still can't believe her life. Somehow, moved to Scottland, inherited a castle that's more than meets the eye, and is proud - and sometimes reluctant -- owner of an amazing family heirloom. But there's a secret Cate must protect about her new life, a secret that no one but Jack Reid, the estate manager, knows of.


As Cate learns about her new home, she discovers that in 1856 there was a murder at Dunhaven and non-other than her own ancestor, Randolph MacKenzie, was accused adn convested of the crime. However, the more she learns about the murder at Dunhaven, the more confusing things become. All of the evidence is there, but the answers still don't add up.


Will Cate have the courage to dive into a centuries-old murder to clear her family's name? Or will she find out the hard way that sometimes it's best to leave the past in the past where it can't hurt you?

Murder at Dunhaven Castle by Nellie H. Steele

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