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A short digital PDF, "Following the Black Rabbit" is a short summary and research into Beth Cavener's work. She was a huge inspiration to my thesis work in college and has a really interesting way of creating her larger pieces.


“In this issue, we will be going in depth into Beth Cavener's work, her process in creating her sculptures, and how she got to where she is today in her work. Cavener is trying to capture the primal instincts and feralty of an animal on the outside while the inside is trying to capture the human psyche and emotion. These animal forms have a language through their gestures that is a metaphor for how humans think. Cavener uses human psychology and animal forms as a way of discussing the internal and external struggles of life through her relationships with others. They are literally a means of combining human emotion and psychology in an animalistic portraiture of the people in her life, be it that she liked or was disgusted by their actions. Cavener has said that these sculptures are a way for her to deal with her own demons and secrets. They are “emotional reliquaries” through which she has been able to get rid of the weight on her shoulders by putting all of her emotions into them as she creates them. They have become a way for her to tell the viewer that they need to look beyond the surface to see the true nature inside, and tread lightly on what they find.”

“Following the Black Rabbit” by Dacia Hartman

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