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Upcoming Events/Classes and More!

January was a slow but good start to this year. Classes have been good! I had my first full drawing class, so I was very excited and happy about that.

We started Game Nights this month as well. It turned out amazing and we had plenty of people come through who wanted to check it out too. If you're a group of D&D players willing to play for a group to watch, or need a space to play for a while, please contact me!

If there's ever something that you think you would like to learn how to do, please feel free to send me those ideas! I'm always looking for ways to improve the classes for the community in order to offer what you truly want.

Our big class/event for this month comes with a collaboration with Love Ewe Candle Co.!

Classes January 30 to February 5 Tuesday: Handbuild Pottery - Slab Jewelry Box Wednesday: Winter Scenery Drawing at 10:30 am, Painting at 3:30 pm Thursday: Draw & Paint Course, Class 2 Friday: Pottery Wheel - Large Bowl Saturday: Love Ewe Candle Co. Candle Making Classes (To sign up for Love Ewe classes, go to this link:

Classes February 6 to February 12 Tuesday: Pottery Wheel - Mugs Wednesday: Valentine's Day Cards Thursday: Drawing - Hands Friday: Handbuild Pottery - Coil Bowls Saturday: Acrylic Painting - Love Birds Classes February 13 to February 19 Tuesday: Handbuild Pottery - Coil Bowls Wednesday: Hot Coco Mug Painting Thursday: Oil Painting - Flowers Friday: Pottery Wheel - Mugs Saturday: Love Ewe Candle Co. Candle Making Classes (To sign up for Love Ewe classes, go to this link: ) Classes February 20 to February 26 Tuesday: Pottery Wheel - Plate Wednesday: Clay Heart Bowl/Tray Thursday: Drawing - Portraits Friday: Handbuild - Gnome Classes February 27 to March 5 Tuesday: Handbuild - Gnome Wednesday: Dr. Seuss inspired Painting Thursday: Drawing - Hands/Feet Friday: Pottery Wheel - Plate Saturday: Acrylic Painting - Leprechaun All classes are up on the website already, so you have a chance to sign up for them before I let the public know they're available. Please sign up for classes at least a day before hand. If you try to sign up for classes on the same day they are held, you will not be able to attend.

Game Night on February 18th Game night this month will be delayed, as Love Ewe Candle Co will be having a class at 6 pm. Card games will start at 8 pm, no D&D for this month.

February Sale! For the month of February, all used romance books will be 50% off. Yes, 50% off! You can use this sale in store or online. If you're ordering online, be sure to use the coupon code: FebLoveSale in order to redeem the sale.

Upcoming Events/Classes in March and April I'm giving you a bit of a heads up on a couple classes I have coming up for March and hopefully April. This is an opportunity for you to choose if you'd like to take advantage of these classes/events. There will be two opportunities to take four clay classes at a lower cost. The cost of these classes will be $150, essentially giving you a free class. One will be handbuilding/sculpting, and the other will be on the pottery wheel. Memberships/pricing plans will not be able to be used for these courses, as they only cover one class per month. There will be no refunds for a missed class. These courses are for:

  • Handbuild/sculpt gnomes! If you take all four gnome classes, you'll be able to create a gnome for every season, or one for each of your top 4 holidays. These classes will be offered on February 24th, February 28th, March 10th, and March 14th.

  • Pottery wheel - make 4 cups! You'll have the chance to have a set of 4, handmade cups. We'll take careful measurements to try to get each cup to be as close to the same size as possible. These classes will be offered on March 7th, March 17th, March 28th, and April 1st.

There are also classes that you will only be able to sign up for via the CCC Community & Industry class registration. These will all be handbuilding classes - we'll be creating clay roses! To sign up for these classes, please go to Community & Industry Class Search | Central Community College ( and find the date and time you'd like to sign up for. The classes will be offered on March 21st, March 24th, April 18th, and April 21st.

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