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Romance in the Air

I keep track of what I read on Goodreads! It's a good little app that can scan the front of your book to find and add to your list rather than having to type it in. You can see other people's reviews on books as well as follow your favorite authors.

With today being Valentine's Day, I just wanted to share a couple of romance books that I've read recently.

A couple of really good mystery/thriller romances that are great to read are "Heartbreaker" by Julie Garwood, and "Mischief" by Amanda Quick. Both involve murder with a little bit of romance.

"Heartbreaker" is a favorite of mine as it was one of the first romance novels I read. Garwood is able to combine a serial killer's threat to a priest's sister with the sister meeting her brother's long time friend seamlessly. Said long time friend is a sexy beast who works for the 'Lost and Found' branch of the FBI sort of government branch, a special team put together by a psychologist who seems to enjoy making fun of his fear of flying instead of helping him get over it. :) Humor is high and will help break up the tension between looking for a serial killer and the tension between Nick (the friend) and Laurant (the sister).

"Mischief" by Amanda Quick (AKA Jayne Ann Krentz), is another of my favorites. Quite simply, I love the relationship between Imogen and Matthias. Looking on it now, it reminds me of the friendly back and forth I have with my husband. The adventure Imogen is determined to have to exact revenge for her friend's death is amusing and alluring as well. Matthias happens to be involved since he was the initial explorer to find Zamar, and Imogen figures he can help her come up with a plan to lure the 'killer' to her with the Zamarian Queen's Seal. However, the heat between Imogen and Matthias threatens to put Imogen's already damaged reputation completely down the drain first! Ahhh what a book. Definitely worth a read!

If you like hotter romances with a little more smut, may I recommend reading Gena Showalter's newest book? "The Immortal" is actually the second book in her series Rise of the Warlords, but also follows after her series Lords of the Underworld. It could stand alone, very easily, but it does give away some things that are told in the first book "The Warlord". This book follows the story of Halo Phaninon, second in command of the Astra, and the harpy-nymph Ophelia the Flunk Out. Honestly, they both have terrible childhoods because of one of their parents. The telling of Halo's backstory may actually make you cry. However, the heat between them is unmistakenable. Until Ophelia no longer looks like herself due to a dagger called the Bloodmor. Hooked yet? No? Well, Halo has to finish tasks assigned to him in the theme of Hercules' own deeds. Suuuuuper interesting!

Anyways! I hope you all have a great holiday! If you don't have a partner, celebrate self-love and self-care. Your health is important, so make sure you're taking care of yourself. <3

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