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NEW - Online Classes!

Get your laptops and desktops ready, there's a new way to take classes with Dacia from The Heart's Desire!

Have you been wanting to take a class at The Heart's Desire but been unable to?

Well, here's a chance to take a class without leaving the house!

The online classes will be $15 per class, per household. There will be a new class every month, meaning a new group for every month. The plan is to let you have access to these classes for a year, so you'll have time to go back and do it again if you wish!

If you have a friend interested in the class, I ask that instead of letting them use your credentials to see the class, that you guide them to sign up through the website. :)

August's online class was a fun hot air balloon drawing! September class was a super cute giraffe painting. Check them out on the class page!

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