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March to April

Hello, hello, hello! Are you ready for April to be here officially on Saturday? It seems nuts that we're already a fourth of the way through 2023. But there is so much fun and laughter to come yet!

Now, if you're wondering how March went...

It was fantastic!

The gnome classes were a HUGE hit, I think. Be on the lookout for more gnome classes come this fall. I may have them in September or October, after we have more of the hand building pumpkins class that was also offered last year.

I think we've had our biggest Game Night yet as well! So many amazing people came out to have fun. We played Magic, some fun mystery board games, and of course, D&D. If you want more information on these nights or to be kept in the loop of any changes that may occur, find the group "Game Nights at THD" on Facebook and join it. We would love to have you there! A Discord has also been created for those who want to participate in D&D so you have an easy place to talk about the campaign or ask questions.

Also - I'm hoping to be able to soon offer pottery wheel classes that would make us need more than one bat to accomplish a form. Such as a tea pot or lidded pot. There's another way to do lidded pots that can be difficult, but uses only one bat so I'll probably be teaching that one of these days soon as well. I'll make sure to add that it's a little more advanced, but I believe even a beginner would be able to do it!

If you missed the acrylic painting class for our leprechaun gnome, don't fret! There will be a scarecrow gnome painting class in October! It's currently on a Thursday, but it may change back to Saturday morning.

Speaking of painting classes, all of the acrylic and oil classes that are available for 2023 are already up on the website. You can sign up for them now, ensuring you have a spot in a fun class that's caught your eye.

Now, for the real reason you're here...


April Classes

Week of Mar. 27 to Apr. 2

Tuesday: Pottery Wheel - Cup 1 pm or 6 pm

Thursday: Paint like Van Gogh at 1 pm or 6 pm

Friday: Pottery Wheel - Cup 1 pm or 6 pm

Saturday: Acrylic Painting - April Showers at 10:30 am

Week of Apr. 3 to 9

Tuesday: Pottery Wheel - Mug 1 pm or 6 pm

Thursday: Real Rabbit Drawing at 1:30 pm or 6:30 pm

Friday: Author Meet & Greet with Tim Schuler at 6 pm

Saturday: Oil Painting - Peter Cottontail at 10:30 am

Week of Apr. 10 to 16

Tuesday: Hand build/Sculpt Bunny or Easter Egg 1 pm or 6 pm

Thursday: Spring Rainbow Umbrella 1 pm or 6 pm

Friday: Pottery Wheel - Mug 1 pm or 6 pm

Week of Apr. 17 to 23

Tuesday: Clay Rose - Sign up via CCC

Thursday: Crochet Class

  • 6:30-7:30 pm Crochet Basics

  • 7:30-8:30 pm Granny Square

Friday: Clay Rose - Sign up via CCC

Saturday: Crochet Classes

  • 11-12 pm Crochet Basics

  • 3-4 pm Granny Square

Week of Apr. 24 to 30

Tuesday: Pottery Wheel - Blate/Plowl (plate bowl) 1 pm or 6 pm

Thursday: How to Draw like Paul Klee 1 pm or 6 pm

Friday: Hand build a Clay Clock 1 pm or 6 pm

  • $10 extra for a clock mechanism

If you would like to have help signing up for any classes, please email me back or you can message me through Facebook. I'll get you set up!

Looking farther, into summer, there's a possibility of other fun/special classes being offered that I'm super excited about. Hint - resin coated pens. That's all you get!

There's also a BIG possibility that Chaney Hobsen will have the second book of the Redemption Pirates series coming out in late summer/fall! If you haven't read the first one yet, you can still grab a copy from The Heart's Desire!

With the addition of doing Game Nights, I will probably be adding a special "gaming" category to the shop for dice, dice bags, rolling trays, possibly some Magic the Gathering cards along with Yu-Gi-Oh. If there are any other games, or game accessories, that you think would work in THD, let me know your thoughts! I'm always open to suggestions.

Here's to a bright, and awesome, April!

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