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Handy, dandy, bookmark!

A great thing about having an idea, is being able to put it into the world and have people accept and want it. Another great thing, is being to come up with ways to give back to those who support you!

So first, I want to thank you all for all of your support.

You have all truly helped me get to where I am.

Now! On to the news :)

I've been holding onto these stacks of thin cardboard for a while, thinking I could do something artistic with them.

I finally figured out that they would be a perfect size for a small bookmark! You can't leave a bookstore without having a new bookmark. :)

And so, I pulled out some art supplies and started playing around.

I used a combination of watercolor paints, paint markers, and regular pens to come out with these. The photo shows the first four I made! I am in love with the sunset/dawn bookmark. I may end up making a lot more of those.

Like I said, just having a lot of fun :D I tried doing a fun pattern on the right one and feel like it kind of failed, so I did another sunset! It turned out better than the other one I think...

And this was the last one I did for the day. I did a watercolor background then drew the flowers and leaves with a grey pen before adding the business name and website address. I love how this one turned out too!

Do you have a favorite? If so, which one? Do you have a request to see something in particular on a bookmark?? Just comment below!

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