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Crowdfund for THD

I'll be mentioning this a lot the next couple of weeks as the campaign for the crowdfunding I put up goes along.

IFundWomen is also a great foundation. They have a lot of resources for business owners that it's almost overwhelming.

I have a goal set at $10,000, but honestly even $1,000 would be able to make a difference and help me out.

I'm finding that a lot of business grants are for established businesses that have been around from 6 months to 3 years already. It has made it ten times harder to find funding without putting my home up as collateral. Something that's important to note, though, is that I really don't want to put it up as collateral anyways. The housing market in my area kind of sucks haha.

So, now we have a crowdfund set up! As I've stated in posts, all funds contributed will be going to The Heart's Desire. Like, directly into the business account. These funds will be going to business expenses, such as rent, utilities, etc., to help ensure the business is able to stay open for the first year of its life. Funds will also be put towards inventory, like new books, when it comes time to order them. Before business expenses and inventory, however, is the HVAC expense of putting in the correct ventilation for the kiln.

Yes, it's that important.

Firing 🔥 a kiln means a lot of fumes that aren't good for humans to inhale. Therefore, a ventilation system is a requirement, and a good one will also help lessen the fumes impact on the environment

Part of the crowdfunding are the rewards for contributing. Not all of them are awesome, but they are what I can do to show my thanks for everyone who has been able to help me make my dream a reality.

This 12 oz tumbler here is an example of one of the rewards people can receive for their contributions. You can get a tumbler with a white or black background that has been hydro-dipped into pink and blue, finished with The Heart's Desire logo. It's a cute little tumbler that would be perfect for morning coffee on the go, or a glass or wine when watching a movie at night.

The other rewards are similar, with a t-shirt with the business logo on it will be made. There is a social media shout out with a 50% off book or class with THD, a t-shirt, and two other options for higher contributions.

So if you're interested in contributing or having the direct link to share, here it is!

Thank you for any and all contribution/sharing that you do. ❤️

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