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The last couple weeks have been super amazing and fun! Opening week went well, second week went well, and the third week is off to a great start!

First week of opening I had a fingerpainting class that a couple of boys were signed up for. Super fun and energetic, they flew through the class like it was nothing!

Sully and Jennings were a great pair of brothers!

For the second week of classes, we did a stained glass painting that was super fun, if a little time consuming lol. The class had four amazing participants, each of whom did their own fun thing.

Miss Harper made a beautiful flower.

Rebecca's idea was abstract, like broken shards of color glass. Gorgeous!

David's idea was also abstract, though he didn't say exactly of what. Which is totally okay! His piece is still gorgeous!

Kara did a lovely butterfly. She is also the one who gave the idea of making the cut pieces curved!

For our third week of classes, we're celebrating Kool-Aid Days with some Kool-Aid watercolor paintings!

Our morning class was just Harper and I painting. We both had fun! Hers is the orange Kool-Aid man!

Harper then painted a puppy and a kitty. Both were rainbow!

For our afternoon class, Miss Julia made a rainbow man and then painted a beautiful butterfly she named Spot!

The kitty is Tiger, painted by Olivia. The two girls became friends fast! Talked each other's ears off almost.

Olivia also made a villain Kool-Aid man! Definitely innovative and unique!

If you're interested in classes be sure to keep your eye on the website! New classes will be posted soon for September!

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