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Book of the Month

Starting in June/July, I'll be putting everyone who has subscribed to the website or donated monetarily to the business in a monthly drawing for the Book of the Month!

To share a little more about this, I found a subscription box that allows a person to get a hardcover book every month from a selection of books you can choose from. My taste goes towards adventure and romance, but they have thrillers, contemporary fiction, mysteries, and many more!

So I'm going to share the books that are on the list of books open for choice for March!

As you can see, there are a lot of options considering what it could be. They also often debut new books! So you get a first look into some new and upcoming authors!

Now, as said before, if you're interested in participating in the monthly book raffle, you must be a subscriber on the website or have donated funds to the crowdfund either electronically or in person.

All current subscribers are immediately in for the drawing!

The first draw will be in July. I will email the person who is drawn and give them a list of books that they can choose from. The book will ship to me and I will let them know when it's arrived so I can give it to them!

If you have other fun ideas that The Heart's Desire can do, please reach out! I'm hoping to create a fun, safe place for everyone to enjoy!

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