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Art Workshop November

Hi all!

Instead of different classes every day and every week for November, I have plans for an art workshop, more specifically, a clay workshop. This workshop will be a 5-week workshop, where one day a week you'll come in and do a deep dive into clay. That means we will be doing hand-building techniques and working on the pottery wheel.

As you can see, the first class will be November 3rd! We'll go for five weeks total, skipping the Friday after Thanksgiving because I know people will travel to visit family, and continuing in December.

Some things we will go over:

- Different types of clay (we may be able to work with porcelain!)

- Different hand building techniques: coil, slab, pinch

- Creating different items on the wheel

- How to foot your pottery

- Glazing pottery

I hope you're excited for a lot of fun! Be sure to sign up fast, though, because there is only 6 spots available!

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