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A little more RuneScape

I wanted to share more about the custom Runescape Keyboard I'm painting and figured why not make a blog post!

It started as a fun project that I wanted to make for my husband as he loooooves Runescape. He's played it since he was 12. I also wanted to try to get TikTok famous haha and figured I could try doing so with something I haven't seen a lot of people do.

Thus, I asked for people to give me ideas.

If you wanna watch the series come to life, my TikTok handle is dee.marie97.

Letter A - Azzanadra

Azzanadra was a human turned God in the game. Azzanadra unintentionally ascended to godhood while attempting to steal the Codex, making him the second Mahjarrat to do so. There's a big quest under his name that starts the Elder God Wars storyline.

B is for Bandos!

What is bandos? What does it stand for? It looks like a pretty cool sign, but otherwise looks like a stick. This stick like symbol stands for the God of War in the game, Bandos. Now he's not followed really by the human races, rather more the slightly unintelligent ones.


C - Combat ⚔️

I figured I'd go a little more detailed and chose the combat symbol because it was colorful and fun. I enjoyed painting it! From left to right: magic, melee, and range.

D was super hard to decide on, mostly because I wasn't sure how detailed I wanted to be. I ended up choosing Dharoks helm as the equipment in the game is super important too.

Dharok the Wretched (abbreviated by some players as DH), is the second oldest of the six Barrows brothers. He attacks with a greataxe and is the slowest of the brothers for the majority of the battle with him. When his health gets low, though, DH starts hitting extremely high and is considered the most dangerous. Talk about an adrenaline rush that keeps you alive!

E is for the Earth rune!

I knew going into this that I was going to want to do at least one or two runes. Runes come from the skill runecrafting, which is important for magic wielders and for doing quests. It can be tedious, but oh well. This is obviously the rune for element of earth.

F - Falador Shield

It took me a while to decide what I was going to do with F. My husband is actually the one who helped me decide.

It comes back to equipment again and the fact that Falador is an important town in RS. Plus, I like the colors!

Goblins for G.

These guys are literally everywhere. It seemed only right that they be on the keyboard!

The only thing I didn't expect was for my Goblin to look like Friddy Krueger lol.


H is for Halloween Masks!

Have you heard of the party hats in Runescape? No? Well, either way, Halloween masks are similar in how rare certain mask colors are. It was a simple detail key after doing the goblin too, so my hand appreciated it haha.

I spoke about runecrafting, a skill a player would level up to be able to do things. I is a symbol for another of the skills on RS, called Invention.

Now, you have to be paying for a membership to be able to do this skill, along with having to have other skills at certain levels. It's a pain. But honestly, not a big deal. This symbol was fun to do, and i really enjoy the way it pops.